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Temples & Ashrams Worldwide


Home Shrine Resources

  • Arca Vigraha - "We are a small, family business that offers good quality, fairly priced bronze caste & wood carved statues of Hindu & Buddhist Deities."
  • Handicrafts from India - A vast array of handicrafts made of metal, wood, sandalwood, bronze, cedar and stone.
  • Himalayan Academy - Offering Saivite bracelets, Rudrakasha & crystal malas, CDs & books that should be a part of every devout Saivite's home shrine.
  • IndiaEssence.com - Indian imports: puja supplies, deity statues, malas, incense, Jyotish charts, ayurvedic products, Hindu prints & postcards, jewelry & more.
  • Lotus Sculpture - Offering the best quality in South Indian bronze sculptures, soft marble statues, & granite sculptures of Hindu gods, including bronze Natarajas & large granite statues of Buddha & Ganesha & other Deities.
  • Mahadev.org - Pictures, RealAudio and MP3-encoded devotional songs to Lord Shiva & Lord Ganesha.
  • Moneesh Resources - Hurleyville, NY, Traditional devotional supplies, books, apparel etc. for spiritual upliftment
  • Murtis Online - UK based online retailer of Hindu Murtis and Fountains.
  • Positive Discipline - By Jane Nelsen: a must-have book for every devout parents' shrine room; the ultimate user's manual on how to discipline children in a positive, loving, non-violent way.
  • The Puja Room - Website offering a complete line of home puja supplies imported from Allahabad, N. India.
  • Rudra Centre - Dedicated to supplying quality Rudraksha beads, malas, gems, yantras & lingas, all properly blessed by Vedic Priests in a traditional Vedic temple in Maharashtra, India for use in puja, healing & self improvement.
  • Rudraksha, the purest form of Energy - Pure, rare & energized Rudraksha beads & gem stones from Delhi, India.

Temple Arts

  • Sheela Venkatakrishnan - Inspired poem of a devoted temple builder.
  • Shri Ganesha Murti Bhandar - This site reveals the master craftsmen of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, who create magnificent marble sculptures of Hindu deities, including Shiva, Ganesha, Ram & Krishna.
  • Holy-Statues.com - Geeta Marble Company in Delhi, India manufactures & exports statues of Hindu gods & goddesses, exquisitely carved from fine quality marble for Hindu temples & homes.
  • Lotus Sculpture - Offering the best quality in South Indian bronze sculptures, soft marble statues, & granite sculptures of Hindu gods, including bronze Natarajas & large granite statues of Buddha & Ganesha & other Deities.
  • Vivek Temple Builders - We come from an unbroken lineage of renowned sthapatis, & have devoted our lives to reviving the art & science of Vaastu Shastras, using the traditional methods of sculpture & architecture to build Hindu temples. We have also trained & developed a few talented individuals through the traditional Guru Shishya modality.

Temples In America

  • Hindu Temple Of Kentucky: This Temple is an epitome of beauty and serenity and is dedicated to over a dozen HINDU Gods. This TEMPLE has been the relentless efforts of devotees which spanned over 3 decades and the younger generation cannot thank them enough.
  • Sri Siva Vishnu Temple: A Hindu temple in Lanham Maryland (a suburb of Washinton DC) This temple opened about 10 years back.
  • Rajdhani Mandir: Hindu Temple in Chantilly Virgina (a suburb of Washington DC). The temple opened in 2000.
  • Sri Mangal Mandir: A Hindu Mandir in Silver Spring Maryland, a suburb of Washington DC. The temple opened about 10 years back.
  • Bharatiya Mandir: Mandir meets the needs to Orange, Ulster, Sullivan counties in upstate New York.
  • Neelkanth Dham Temple: Kaulacharya Rajendranand Teerth is the head priest known as Guruji and he brings all faith in one roof.
  • Shiva Temple Organization - Web site of Siva Temple located in the southwestern part of Texas.
  • Rajani Raja Temple : a unique hindu temple in the universe where "prayers combine with humanity".
  • Durga Temple : A Hindu temple in Fairfax Station, Virginia (a suburb of Washington DC) Opened in 1999.
  • Hindu Temple Society of Capital District, Albany - The Hindu Temple Society of Capital District, Inc. located in Loudonville, NY is a place of worship for local devotees of the Hindu religion.
  • Hindu American Religious Institute (HARI), New Cumberland, Central Pennsylvania - Our institute includes the HARI Temple & a school for Hindu religious, cultural, educational & spiritual development; all centered around worship of Lord Rama, Durgamatha, Saraswathi, Mahaveer, Radha-Krishna, Shiv-Parvathi & Balaji.
  • Balaji Temple Temple of Atlanta, Georgia - Serving the Hindu public with weekly abhishekams to Durga, Bhudevi, Lakshmi, Venkateswara, Nagendra, Navagraha, Ganesha, Shiva & Anjaneya.
  • Bhavani and Hanuman Mandir - Rustic Hindu shrine to Bhavani and Hanuman in suburban Collegeville PA.
  • Bangladesh Hindu Mandir - In Elmhurst, New York serves mostly Bengalies from New York, New Jersey & Connecticut.
  • CHANT - A non-profit temple society near Dallas, Texas since 1985, started by Caribbean Hindus to continue the culture & worship of their forefathers who migrated to the Caribbean from India in the 19th century; in process of building a temple.
  • Dallas-Fort Worth Hindu Temple - Serving Texas Hindus with pujas to Maha Lakshmi, Venkateshwara, Shiva, Ganesha, Kartikeya, Ayyappa, Ram Parivar, Durga, Srinathji, Vitthoba and Rukmini, Krishna & Radha, Hanuman, Dattatreya and Navagrahas.
  • Sri Ganesha Temple - Serving Hindus in Nashville, Tennesee with shrines and pujas to Shiva, Venkateshwara, Parvati, Subramanya, Durga, Lakshmi, Rama, Krishna, Jagannath, Navagraha.
  • The Greater Atlanta Vedic Temple - Has performed Vedic pujas since 1986 in Lilburn, Georgia & teaches the Vedic heritage as taught by the Arya Samaj.
  • Hindu American Temple & Cultural Center also known as Sri Krishnaji Mandir - Performs regular pujas to all major Hindu Deities in Morganville, NJ.
  • Hindu Temple Of Central Texas - Serving the Hindu public of Austin, Texas with regular abhishekams to Lord Ganesha.
  • Hindu Temple & Cultural Center of Kansas City - Regular pujas since 1982 to Shiva, Hanuman, Lakshmi, Kartikeya, Ganesh.
  • Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago - This magnificent facility has two temple: a Rama temple that does pujas to Rama, Sita, Laxmana, Ganesha, Hanuman, Mahalaxmi, Venkateshwara, Krishna & Radha; plus a Shiva temple that does pujas to Shiva, Subrahmanya, Ganesha, Parvati & Durga.
  • Hindu Worship Society of Houston, Texas
  • India Cultural Center & Temple, Memphis, TN - Serving Memphis Hindus with regular pujas to Lakshmi, Bhudevi, Ram Parivaar, RadhaKrishna, Siva, Parvathi, Ganesh, Murugan & Venkateswara.
  • Kali Mandir, Laguna Beach, CA - Kali Mandir is a traditional temple dedicated to the worship of the Divine Mother Kali in the mother/child relationship. It is modeled after the public Indian temple ideal-no presiding guru, no membership, open to all.
  • Kauai Aadheenam (Kauai's Hindu Monastery), Hawaii - Home of His Holiness Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami, successor to Sivaya Subramuniyaswami of the Nandinatha Sampradaya of Saiva Siddhars.

Temples in India

  • Sri Raghavendra Mutt Site of Sri Poornaprajna and Sri Raghavendra Swamy religious, charitable and endowmnet trust.
  • Tali Sree Maha Ganapathi Sree Balasubramania Temple - Calicut city, renowned as the 'Land of Zamorins' has a rich heritage and tradition. The numerous beautiful temples in and around Tali bear testimony to a golden era.
  • KUTTIATTOOR SIVAKSHETHRAM An ancient Temple of centuries old. It is one among the Maha Siva Temple of Kerala, which is established by Khara Maharshi (A Sage who destroys sins) The Trustee of the Temple is Chirakkal Kovilakam.
  • Welcome to the Cyber Abode of Lord Vekantesawara - This is a humble attempt to provide information about Tirumala Tirupati, Lord Balaji's earth abode.
  • Karveer Nivasini Shri Mahalakshmi Prasana - The puranas, have listed 108 sites where Shakti (the goddess of power) is manifested. Amongst these, the Karveer area (the area where the present town of Kolhapur is located), is of special significance.
  • Krishna Temple Udipi - Udupi is first among the seven places of pilgrimages. Thousands of pious devotees throng the Krishna temple all round the year to catch a glimpse of Lord Krishna
  • Adi Shankaracharya Sharada Lakshmi Narasimha Peetam & Sree Math, Hariharapura, Karnataka, India - This monastery-temple complex was founded in 1418AD in the famed Hindu kingdom of Vijayanagar & still quietly guides its devotees in their spiritual life.
  • Anandashram - Anandashram was founded in Kerala, South India in 1931 by Swami Ramdas & Mother Krishnabai with the ideal of Universal Love & service based upon a vision of divinity in all beings of the world, regardless of denomination, creed or caste.
  • Arulmigu ShaktiVel Temple - An ancient Dravidian Muruga temple in South India, where many great Hindu saints have worshipped.
  • Baba Shri Ramdev - Hindus have worshipped Baba Shri Ramdev at this Indian ashram since the 15th century when he incarnated for the benefit of mankind; the present guru is Swami Shri Moolyogiraj ji of Indore, MP, India.
  • Chitrapur Math, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - This Math or monastic order is 1 of 8 Maths founded by the 11 Sadgurus of this prominent Guru Parampara, which goes back to 1708, & its now headed by H.H. Shrimat Sadyojat Shankarashram Swamiji of the Shankaracharya Order.
  • Devanga, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu - A website that serves Hindus worldwide, who have their roots in Tamil Nadu, South India.
  • Famous Ganesha Temples In India - Lists 55 temples in India, compliments of Shivaji Park, an online community in Mumbai.
  • JagannathTemple, Puri, Orissa, India - This temple website provides information on the temple, its history, legends, management, festivals, on-line ordering of pujas and various charitable activities.
  • Shri Prem Nagar Ashram, Hardwar near Delhi, India - Founded in 1944 by Yogiraj Paramsant Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj in Hardwar, this ashram is presided over today by his eldest son, Shri Satpal Ji Maharaj, who founded 'Manav Utthan Sewa Samiti', which operates many charitable & social services through its network of more than 3000 ashrams & centers in India.
  • Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt in Mantralaya, Andhra Pradesh - Hindus have received the blessings of this patron saint of Mantralayam ever since the 16th century; he is the champion of Madhwa philosophy, a part of Dwaitha Siddhantha.
  • Khatu Shyam Ji Temples - provides a list of Shri Khatu Shyam Ji temples all over India, & and also explains the history of this ancient Hindu spiritual Path.
  • Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam - An unbroken line of 70 Acharyas since 477 BC when Sri Sankara Acharya founded the Peetam at Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. The Peetams of India are the heart, head & soul of Hinduism.
  • Satyayuga Sri Ramji Mandir - Sri Prabhushree designed this temple in Gujarat, where the Brahm Mantra has been recited 24-hrs-a-day since 1991; he taught that most of mankind's disasters can be prevented by simply not killing animals & adopting a vegetarian diet.
  • Ratanpur Ashram - Inspired by the 19th century saint, Shree Sadhubaba of Ratanjur, West Bengal, India, this ashram serves Bengal Hindus by running a primary school, a medical clinic & a computer-training center.
  • Shirdi Sai Baba Samsthan - The Hindu saint, Shri Sai Baba, was buried in Shirdi in 1918 near Mumbai, India, & a temple was built over him; Hindus still flock to this Samadhi Mandir to seek His Blessings.
  • Sri Shirdi Saibaba Bhaktha Samajam, Peapully, Andrapradesh - This site provides information about the construction of a new Shirdi Saibaba Temple near Hyderabad, India.
  • Swami Narayan Tirtha Ashram, USA & India - Two ashrams in India & one in Bayville, NY; a complete website on the Siddhayoga lineage, including ashrams, lineage, books, etc.
  • TempleNet - Listing hundreds of Hindu temples throughout India.
  • Temples of Andhra Pradesh, India - This site takes you on a journey through a growing list of over 200 Hindu temples in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Tirupati Sri Venkateswara Temple - One of the world's largest & most-visited Hindu temples, home to Sri Venkateswara (Lord Vishnu); includes detailed pilgrimage information.
  • Tirupati Venkateswara Temple - Another website for one of most sacred & ancient temples of Lord Ballaji, also known as Lord Vishnu & Lord Venkateswara, located in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh; book a pilgrimage online.
  • Trimbakeshwar Jyotirlinga Temple - Home of one of the 12 famous Jothirlingams of the world.
  • Vaishnodevi Temple - The famous Cave Shrine of Maa Vaishno Devi in the Trikuta Mountains of the lower Himalayas in the State of Jammu, Kashmir, India. There are three Goddesses: Mahakali, Maa Saraswati & Maha Lakshmi.
  • Sree Srinivasa Perumal Temple - A temple for Lord Vishnu in Ariyakkudi, India.
  • 108 Temples of Lord Vishnu - For centuries, these temples in India have been glorified by many great Hindu saints.

Temples in Canada

  • Bhuvaneswari Hindu TempleToronto, Canada - The main Deity of this temple is Sri Bhuvaneswari, God as Devi, the feminine form, but it also has sanctams for Lord Ganesha, Sri Trimurtheeswarar, Sri Shanmuga accompanied by Sri Valli & Sri Devasena, Sri Ayyappa, Sri Durga, Sri Saneeswarar, Sri Bairavar, Sri Nagaraja, Navagrahas, Sri Aanjaneya & Sri Chandeswari.
  • CalgaryMandir.com - Serving 15,000 Hindus in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with pujas to Laxmi Narayan, Ram Darbar, Radha-Krishna, Shiva Darbar and Durga Mata.
  • Devi Mandir, Pickering, Ontario, Canada - Serving Canadian Hindus since 1997 with regular pujas to Durga, Hanuman, Satyanarayana & Shiva.
  • Maha Ganapati Temple, Edmonton, Canada - Serving the Hindu community of Alberta and Western Canada with regular pujas to Lord Ganesha, Lord Muruga and Lord Shiva.
  • Richmond Hill Hindu Temple, Ontario, Canada - Serving the Hindu community of Canada with regular pujas to Lord Ganesha, Lord Muruga & Lord Vishnu.
  • Saiva Mission of Montreal, Quebec, Canada - One of the great blessings of the war in Sri Lanka is the scattering of Sri Lankan Tamil Saivites to nations worldwide, causing Saiva missions to blossom around the world wherever Tamils take root. This mission in Montreal is one of many worldwide with a temple to Lord Muruga as its hub, designed by famed Vaasthuvignani Dr. Ganapathy Sthapathy of India, who also designed the Iraivan Temple being built in Kauai, Hawaii.
  • Toronto Kali Mandir - Serving Canadian Hindus with regular pujas to Goddess Kali and Satyanarayan.
  • Vishnu Mandir, Onterio, Canada.

Temples in Europe

Temples in Other Countries

  • Hindu Temples Outside of India - A comprehensive list of Hindu Temples in USA, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, UK, Australia & other countries outside of India.
  • Lord Muruga's Temples Worldwide - In Tamil & English.
  • Edinburgh Hindu Temple Website of Edinburgh Hindu Temple with religious and current information on hindu dharma.
  • Nallur Kandaswamy Temple, Jaffna, Sri Lanka - Built in 948AD, this famous & most sacred temple for Lord Muruga has provided the meeting & training ground for four Satgurus of ancient Natha Sampradaya, Satguru Chellappaswami, Satguru Yogaswami, Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami & the living presence of Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami who resides in Kauai, Hawaii. Sri Lankan Tamils are invited to contribute to the content of this important site, which is in its formative stage; send to: webmaster@nallur.org
  • Port-of-Spain Hindu Mandir of Trinidad, West Indies - Also called Paschim Kaashi, Benares of the West, this magnificent temple was built in 1963.
  • Sri Guru Raghavendra Seva Samjam, since 1996 in Singapore - The Samjam serves local Hindus with regular bhajans & poojas.
  • Sri Thendayuthapani Temple, Singapore - Visit one of the most beautiful temple outside of India in South Asia, the world-renowned abode of Lord Muruga on Tank Road in Singapore. Enjoy the marvelous panoramic view of inside the temple.
  • Shiv Shakti Mandir, Mauritius - A Shiva temple in Mauritius with 8 murtis - Santoshi Maa, Shiva Parvathi, Ganesha, Karthikeya, Durga Maa, Vishnu, Nandi Devta, Ram Parivaar, Radha Krishna, Shiv Lingum and Hanuman.

International Temples & Ashrams

  • Sai Pragya International Mission - This trust was inspired by His Holiness Swami Pragyanandji Maharaj to establish charitable institutions, including hospitals, schools, libraries, homes for the elderly and children. Swamiji inspires his devotees to worship the sun and especially to chant the Gayatri Mantra & eat a strict vegetarian diet to promote world peace; he has one mission in Suriname, S.America & two in India.
  • Swami Shivom Tirth Ashram Inc - Lists the ashrams & temples of the Siddha Mahayoga Path & the lineage of Swami Shivom Tirth.

Online Temple Services

  • e-Prarthana - Arrange Hindu Archanas over the Internet in any of over 2000 temples in India.
  • Shri Hanuman Online - Listen to RealAudio & MP3-encoded devotional songs to Lord Hanuman in Kanada, Tamil, Telugu & Sanskrit.
  • Hindu Puja & Bhajan - Carefully explains the great need for & benefit of Satsang, sharing the company of like-minded spiritual devotees; also gives devotees detailed information on how to do home pujas to various Deities.
  • Hindu Puja & Temple Worship (GHEN)
  • Hindu Temple Services - Offers puja, archana, prarthana and homa at some of the most sacred temples in India.
  • PoojaOnLine.com - This WebSite from Bangalore, India offers online pooja sponsorship, astrological counseling, religious books and music.
  • Rajagopala Ganapatigal - The website of a highly accomplished South Indian Brahmin priest from a long family line of priests & saints; he serves the spiritual needs of the South Indian Brahmin community, including family religious functions, astrological consultations & educational material for Hindu children.
  • Saranam.com, India - Services offered: puja sponsorship, astrological reading, spiritual products; 3 ways to order a puja: by location in India, by Deity & by personal need.



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