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Brahmrishi Krishna Dutt Ji
Shringi Rishi in Past Life

Brahmrishi Krishna Dutt

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Brahamrishi Krishna Dutt Who is atopic of discussion among the learned and common men alike was born in a village named Kurrampur Salemabad near Murradnagar in the district of meerut, about forty miles from delhi proper, in or about the year 1942.  His father shri Nanak Chand, by Proffesion a weaver was extremely poor. On account of poverty Br. Krishna Dutt could not get any education. His mother Shrimati sona devi says that ever since the Brahamrishi was only two/three years of age, he would happen to utter some words in a murmuring voice, when he was laid supine.

When he was seven years of age his father got him employed as labourer in the farm of Chaudhry Indraraj Tyagi, A zamingar of his village.  He fcontinued his practice of murmuring while lying supine, and his parents and other people suspected that he was haoundted by some evil spirit, and hence for the sake of getting rid of the evil spirit, he was subjedcted to severe physical torture.  Thus Brahamrishi Krishna Dutt had to pass a very miserable life till the age of fifteen.

One day his father saw him delivering a sermon in his accstomed posture, and being very angry he gave him a severe beating.  Brahmrishiji was very much pained at the cruel treatment of his father and ran away from his home in the cold and dreadful winter night.  After roaming about for a few months he reached the village Barnawa, Which was known as Varnavata during the Mahabharata Age.

He stayed in the village with shri ram sarup tyagi, a relative of chaudry indra raj tyagi of his village.  Here too, he continued his practice of delivering discourses as before, and become famous as a mahatma in the neighboring villages. During these days Pandit Surendra Sharma, a well known learned preacher of arya samaj.  first of all came to know of him. he collected some information about him.

Later it was through the united efforts of some members of arya samaj, Vinay Nagar, New Delhi that Brahamrishi Krishan Dutt Ji was brought to Delhi on the 28th Dec. 1961, and since then his series of lectures, began in B.C Park, New Delhi.  Due to these learned lectures his fame travelled far and wide.  Through the efforts of the workers of the arya samaj, Vinayanagar, a commitee has been formed, more than six hundred of his discourses have been tape recorded and more than one hundred of them have been published in book form.

Brahamrishiji's life in previous birhts as collected from his discourses.

according to some of his discourses he took several births in the satyug, treda and dwarpa ages and throughout known as Shringi Rishi, because he was well versed in getting performed the Vrishti Yajna ( the scrifice performed for getting rain.) and the putreshti Yajna ( the sacrifice performed for obtaining a male issue)  In one of his discourses which was delivered on 9-3-1962 at 8 P.M in sarojni nagar new delhi, he said that in styug he was the disciple of Brahma, Who was the noblest and purest soul of that age , and it was from his that he learnt the vedas and practiced yoga. One day his Guru Brahma was displeased with him for a certain fault of his and the guru hurled a curse on him saying.  " you will have to undergo a chain of rebirths in the satyug, treat and swapar ages and in the kaliyug, when 5500 years of that age would pass you will again take birth in a noble famil, with a poor countenance and a body devoid of knowldge. 






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